Budget Coordinating Group

Purpose: The Budget Coordinating Group coordinates budgeting between the Town Manager, Town Council, School Committee and Regional School Committee, and Library Board of Trustees and ensures that information is shared amongst those entities as the Town Manager develops a budget as required by Charter Section 5.4. 

Charge: The BCG shall:

  • Review the financial condition of the Town, revenue and expenditure forecasts, and other relevant information prepared by the Town Manager
  • Develop coordinated budget guidelines and calendars 
  • Coordinate the process of budget development
  • Provide advice to the Town Manager during the development of the annual budget as requested by the Manager 

For more information, see the full Budget Coordinating Group charge.

Membership Representative Body Term Expiration Date
Mandi Jo Hanneke Town Council January 2, 2024
Lynn Griesemer Town Council January 2, 2024
Andy Steinberg Town Council January 2, 2024
Austin Sarat Jones Library Trustees June 30, 2023
Bob Pam Jones Library Trustees June 30, 2023
School Committee Representative TBD TBD