Town Managed Cemeteries

The Town of Amherst manages the following 3 cemeteries:
  1. North Cemetery, East Pleasant Street
  2. West Cemetery, Triangle Street, Amherst Center
  3. South Cemetery, Middle Street / South East Street

    Records are now available online for all three of these cemeteries!

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    Wildwood Cemetery: (413) 549-4649 www.wildwood-cemetery.com

    History of Cemeteries in Amherst

    The ''burying place,'' or West Cemetery, was officially laid out in 1730 by Hadley's town committee. The West Cemetery was the only cemetery in town for 90 years until December 8th, 1817. On this date a committee was appointed to consider and report on the expediency of establishing one or more new burying grounds in town.

    A report was accepted on May 13th, 1818 recommending the creation of the North and South Cemeteries. During that year, the town purchased 1 acre of land each from David Moody and Martin Baker for $80 an acre creating the North and South Cemeteries.

    At a meeting held on March 2, 1846 the town voted to raise $200 to pay the expenses for planting shade and ornamental trees at the center of the North and South Cemeteries. In 1873, The North Cemetery was enlarged and a well dug.

    Wildwood Cemetery is Amherst's only privately-owned cemetery. It was designed and laid out in the late 19th century by Austin Dickinson, who is buried there.