Resident Capital Request

The Town of Amherst is now accepting resident capital requests until February 29, 2024. Please review the information below prior to submitting a request.

Project Eligibility

Projects are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

1. Benefit the public

2. Are one-time expenditures that cost $50,000 or less

3. Are capital projects (facility or infrastructure improvements, equipment, related studies, etc...)

4. Located within the Town of Amherst


All submitted applications will receive a preliminary review by appropriate department heads. 

After this review, the Joint Capital Planning Committee (an advisory body comprised of representatives of the Town Council, School Committee, and Library Trustees) will schedule a time for each applicant to publicly present their capital request and respond to questions. The Joint Capital Planning Committee will then decide (with input from relevant department heads) whether to recommend the resident capital request for inclusion in the Town Manager's Capital Improvement Program.

If the Town Manager accepts the Joint Capital Planning Committee's recommendation, the resident capital request will be included in the Capital Improvement Program that is presented to the Town Council in May and voted on in June. If approved, the funds become available on July 1st. The Town Manager will assign the project to an appropriate department head for implementation.

The chart below 

Resident Capital Request Process

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