Kendrick Park 2020

Planning The Kendrick Park Playground
Kendrick Park GIS Map

Designing a Playground

The Town of Amherst is designing a playground for the children of Amherst, to be located in Kendrick Park.  The Planning Department, LSSE and DPW staff are working together to prepare a design, with input from the public.

During the summer of 2019 the Town of Amherst applied for a PARC grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and was awarded $400,000.  In the fall CPAC (Community Preservation Act Committee) and the Town Council voted to match this grant with about $260,000 from town funds to build a playground that will serve Downtown Amherst.

Why Kendrick Park?

Amherst already has playgrounds in other parts of town – at Mill River Recreation Area, at Wildwood and Fort River and Crocker Farm Schools, and the town will soon have a renovated playground and splash pad at Groff Park in South Amherst.

With that said, Kendrick Park is the best place for a playground to serve people who live in the center of Amherst and people who visit Downtown.

Kendrick Park is about 3.3 acres in size, about the size of the Town Common. The park is mostly open, but it has a variety of mature trees.

The playground will be located on the west side of the park, about half way between Hallock Street and Triangle Street.  It is easily accessible from the commercial part of downtown and from Wildwood Elementary School and surrounding neighborhoods.


The idea for Kendrick Park was born in the early part of the last century, in 1925, when local banker George Smith Kendrick came up with the idea of creating a private park at the location called the ’’island location’’.  At that time, the Town of Amherst had only one centrally-located park, Sweetser Park on Main Street, which was then private. 

The existence of Kendrick Park is due to the 1930 trust established by George Kendrick and later continued by his sister Jenny.

The park originally consisted of 10 house lots, on which 11 houses once sat.  After 1930, as the properties became available for sale, the houses were either demolished or relocated by the Kendrick Trust. 

This was all done in secret.  Mr. Kendrick did not want everyone to know what his plan was.  His plan was to take down all the houses and turn the area into a park for the people of the Town of Amherst.

The Town acquired the properties around 2006.  In 2007, the last house was moved to a site on Gray Street.  And a community design process began.