Candidate Statements

Submitting Your Candidate Statement

Please use the below form to submit your candidate statement to the Town Clerk's office. Persons filing nomination papers with the Board of Registrars shall submit Candidate Statements no later than 5:00 pm Amherst, MA local time the same date as the deadline for filing withdrawals of nomination papers, by 5:00 PM on Thursday, September 30th. Candidate Statements submitted after this deadline shall be published no later than 5 business days after they are submitted.

Once submitted, persons shall not be permitted to revise the Candidate Statement. If a provided text-only statement, as detailed in Paragraph 2.c. above exceeds 900 characters, the Town Clerk shall delete all characters occurring after the 900th character. Persons providing Candidate Statements are responsible for the accuracy of the content provided.

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Click here for the full Town Council Policy on the Publication of Candidate Statements on the Town Bulletin Board in accordance with Charter Section 7.6 

Candidate Statements

Disclaimer: The Statements linked on this page are written, submitted, and provided by the candidates and do not reflect the position of the Town of Amherst, MA in whole or in part. The links in the Statements to webpages are provided by the candidates, are not hosted by the Town of Amherst, MA, and do not reflect the position of the Town in whole or in part. The Town has not made any changes to the Candidate Statements, except in accordance with the Policy on the Publication of Candidate Statements adopted by the Town Council.

** Statements will be added to this page below as they are received by the Town Clerk, until October 1, 2021, at which time the Town Clerk will be drawing names, by lot, to determine the order of names for the election ballot.  After this date, the names will appear below in the same order as they will appear on the election ballot.

councilor-at-large - For two years

  1. Viraphanh Douangmany Cage
  2. Andrew J. Steinberg
  3. Mandi Jo Hanneke
  4. Robert E. Greeney

District 1 councilor - for two years

  1. Michele Miller
  2. Cathy A. Schoen


  1. Lynn Griesemer
  2. Patricia C. De Angelis


  1. Dorothy S. Pam
  2. George E. Ryan
  3. Jennifer Lynn Taub


  1. Evan Robert Ross
  2. Pamela S. Rooney
  3. Anika M. Lopes


  1. Shalini Bahl-Milne
  2. Ana Devlin Gauthier

School Committee - For two years

  1. Peter M. Demling
  2. Irvin E. Rhodes
  3. Phoebe Merriam
  4. Jennifer Shiao Page
  5. Heather Amara Lord
  6. Benjamin Joseph Herrington
  7. Allison Bleyler McDonald

JONES LIBRARY Board of Trustees - For two years

  1. Robert Pam
  2. Farah Ameen
  3. Austin D. Sarat
  4. Lee R. Edwards
  5. Alexandra J. Lefebvre
  6. Tamson M. Ely

Housing Authority - For two years

  1. Jessica Ruth Mix Barrington

Oliver Smith Will Elector - For two years

  1. Carol Jeannette Gray
  2. Sarah A. Marshall

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