Party Smart Registration

    The Amherst Police Department, in partnership with the University Of Massachusetts Off Campus Student Center and the Campus and Community Coalition, has developed a Party Smart Registration Program.  The Party Smart Registration program allows a party host the opportunity to receive a telephone call and warning if there is a noise complaint about their gathering.  The host can disband a party after a noise complaint has been received. Party Smart Registration is designed to reduce noise disturbance in neighborhoods, as registrants will receive information upon registering their gathering on how to be good neighbors and responsible hosts.  At this time, the program is only open to UMASS students.  For Amherst Community members wanting more information about the Party Smart Registration, contact Amherst Police Officer William Laramee.  For UMASS students wanting more information about the Party Smart Registration, contact Office Campus Student Services (OCSC) in 314 Student Union Building.

For Amherst Community Members, What to Know:

    If your neighborhoods are making excessive noise which is disturbing your peace, please call the Amherst Police Department to address the problem.  Even if the party is registered, your noisy neighbors will still be having communication with an Amherst Police Officer, it will just be over the phone, not in person.  This allows your patrol officers time to be proactive addressing other crime and disorder issues in the Amherst community.  If after 20 minutes or more, the noise does not reduce to an acceptable level, call us back and officers will be dispatched to assist the residents.  The Amherst Police Department non emergency telephone line is 413-259-3000.

For UMASS Students, What to Know:

    What is Party Smart Registration? 
A new free program that gives UMASS students hosting a social gathering off campus a chance to get a phone call warning and 20 minutes to break up a party before Amherst Police show  up.
     How do you register your party? 

1.    Applicant must be a current UMass Amherst student aged 18 or older living in Amherst 
2.    Provide your address, your name as party host, your cell phone number, and 2 forms of ID (State and Student ID). 
3.    Receive your Party Smart Pack and read the Party Smart Registration Rules and Limitations. Check tips for having a successful party. Sign an acknowledgment that you have received your information packet and that all the information on your registration is correct. 

How does Party Smart Registration work while I’m hosting my party? 

1. If Amherst Police (APD) receive a noise complaint related to your party, you get a Courtesy Call to alert you to the complaint and you have 20 minutes to break up your party. 
2. APD will ask if you need help in dealing with your party guests. 
3. If you dont answer your phone, the police will leave a message that a noise complaint has been received. Either way, the 20 minute grace period begins with the Courtesy Call.
4. Break up your party peacefully and quickly and you’re all good! 
5. If after 20 minutes, APD gets a second noise complaint, a police officer will be sent to the property where your party is happening. 

What could go wrong? 

If you dont pick up the Courtesy Call, you miss out on the chance to break things up before police arrive. Keep your phone with you and make sure you can hear it ring. 

You get a Courtesy Call, but people at your party dont listen when you tell them to leave. Contact the Amherst Police  Department at 413-259-3000 for help if you need assistance getting people to leave your party. 

You fail to break up your party or a 2nd noise complaint is made. If a police officer is sent to the party, you may face consequences such as fines and/or arrests. 

There are
other problems besides noise. If you or your guests are doing things besides making noise (damaging property, breaking glass, blocking traffic, engaging in dangerous behavior, etc.) the 20 minute courtesy time does not apply. Police will respond immediately and you and/or your friends may face serious consequences such as fines, arrests, and/or criminal or civil liability.  


Why register your party? 

Stay out of trouble. Registering your party can help you avoid arrest, criminal record, and/or discipline under the UMass Amherst Code of Student Conduct. 

Save money. Fines for noisy or out of control parties can cost you and your friends hundreds of dollars. 

Be nice to your neighbors. Registering your party keeps your neighbors happier because noise and nuisance complaints can be resolved quickly and effectively.

Show some love to your town. Resolving noise and nuisance complaints quickly and effectively  saves Town of Amherst resources. This means there is more money to go around for things like planting trees, taking care of parks, and hosting fun public events.