Amity St Raised Crosswalk

Last Updated: November 30, 2016

Current Status: Final work on the raised sidewalk wrapped up on October 24th and 25th with the final paving topcoat being placed.
  "The PWC supports the DPW plan dated December 2015 for a raised crosswalk to be constructed on Amity Street but also suggests adequate downward lighting for pedestrian and vehicle safety."
Passed: 5-0-0

The Selectboard approved the plan in March, 2016.

Upcoming events:  The project is being bid in the 2016 Annual Paving Contract


Project Information:

            This project is to replace the temporary crosswalk between the Amity Street parking lot and the Jones Library.  The Temporary crosswalk was installed in 2003-4.  The new crosswalk will eliminate the ramp in front of the Jones Library and will add lighting at the cross walk on both sides of the crosswalk.

Town Manager memo on crosswalk materials

Project Documents