Burning Permits


Open air burning can only occur between January 15th and May 1st by state regulations. The rules for burning are listed below. We will conduct an inspection once the on-line application is completed and permit fee has been paid. We will email your burn permit to you once the inspection is complete.

Procedure for obtaining your burning permit

Click here to complete the online application and online payment process.   The fee is $25 for the season - you can use the permit as many times as you are able up to and including May 1st.  Online payment is preferred and will be the quickest process; payment by check is possible – see instructions noted on the application.  We conduct inspections 7 days a week as time allows. Burn Permit inspections are completed between 8 am and 11 am. Please provide a preferred date for the inspection when you complete the online application. We will contact you to confirm the specific date. If you don’t have a preferred date, we will still complete the inspection.

Once a permit is obtained from the Fire Department, it is valid for the remainder of the burning season and no further inspections will be made.  A telephone call to the Fire Department must be made prior to burning in order to re-activate the permit and ensure that burning is allowed on any particular day. The Fire Department may cancel burning on certain days depending on weather conditions and direction from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Don't wait until the day you want to burn to call for a permit! Our crews are quite busy during warm spring weekends so there may be a delay in obtaining your permit if you wait until the last minute. Obtain your permit now and be ready for the nice weather. You don't have to have your brush pile made yet - we just need to see where you are going to burn and review the regulations with you. Complete the on-line application and payment.  Call the Fire Department Business Office at 413-259-3082 if you have any questions.

State Open Air Burning Regulations:

  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts allows open air burning from January 15 - May 1 of each year.
  • Only garden preparation and tree trimming material may be burned (no leaves or stumps).
  • Burning sites need to be inspected by the Fire Department prior to use.
  • Burning is allowed from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, at which time all burning must be concluded.
  • Burning must be constantly attended and a garden hose or water source must be readily available.
  • Burning sites must be located at least 75' from structures and materials cannot be piled higher than 3', longer than 25', or wider than 10'.  

Additional Information

For more information and the text of Massachusetts Regulation 310 CMR 7.07, "Open Burning," see the Open Burning Regulations (external link) of the Massachusetts Bureau of Forest Fire Control, or contact the Fire Department at 413-259-3082 for more information