Short Term Keg Permit

Information on obtaining a short term keg permit

Since 1991 the Town of Amherst has required a permit for the possessions of kegs of beer. This was enacted to protect the health and welfare of our community. The permit is for 1 day and 1 keg only, and can only be obtained at the Amherst Police Department. The link below is the application that 1 must file at the Amherst Police Department at least 5 days before an event to be considered for a permit. Part of the application process is having a meeting with the Captain in Charge of Operations, Captain Jennifer Gundersen. If your application is not received in a timely manner, scheduling an appointment time is difficult and your request will be denied. Please download the application below and bring it to the Amherst Police Department. For information on this process, you may either call 413-259-3000 for an immediate response or send us an email.

Keg Permit Application